Irrigation System Policies


All water used for irrigation purposes shall be independently metered, and shall not pass through the meter measuring the quantity of water used for household or domestic purposes. This policy has been created to assist the Company in its drought management and response activities. All irrigation systems installed after February, 2004 shall be independently metered.

For the purpose of this policy, irrigation systems shall include systems whose purpose is to provide water to maintain gardens, trees, lawns, shrubs, landscaping, flowers or any other plant life, and whose piping and/or distribution apparatus are permanently installed.

If an irrigation system is installed, after February 2004, to a new or existing home/property a seperate meter must be purchased plus upgrading the meter box if required. Please refer to fee schedule listed below:


Irrigation Meter Set Fees

Irrigation Meter $ 725.00
Meter Box Upgrade (If required) $ 300.00
Total Cost with Meter Box Upgrade $ 1,025.00