Hydrant Meter Rental

General Information

Only those persons authorized by Blue Ridge Rural Water Co. Inc. shall open any fire hydrant or attempt to draw water from it. Any violation of this regulation or damage to the hydrant will be subject to penalties.


Obtaining a Fire Hydrant Meter 

The use of water for temporary purposes from a Blue Ridge Rural Water Co. Inc. fire hydrant may be approved by the Blue Ridge Rural Water Co. Inc., upon proper application. Reasonable and customary charges for the use of such hydrants and for the water used are found below. The users of such hydrants shall be liable for any damages to hydrants, system facilities, or personal property as a result of the operation of said hydrant. Each user is required to complete a hydrant meter rental form and pay the meter set fee/deposit. The hydrant meter rate schedule and rules are described below.



  1. Fees: $50.00 nonrefundable set fee, plus $50.00 refundable deposit.
  2. The cost of the water is $25.00 for the first 5000 gallons and $5.13 per thousand thereafter, per permit.
  3. At no time is the permittee allowed to use the hydrant valve to control flow through the meter. A gate valve is furnished for this control. The hydrant meter will include a backflow devise that is at no time to be removed from the hydrant. The permittee must have permit on-site at all times.
  4. Blue Ridge Rural Water Co. can and will make periodic on-site checks to insure that hydrant meter and backflow devices are operated properly.
  5. Permittee much inform BRRWC if use of hydrant meter is completed prior to 90 days.
  6. A maximum of 90 days Fire Hydrant Meter use. The Fire Hydrant Meter can be requested to be moved unlimited times within the 90 day time period at a cost of $50 (meter set fee) per request.


The Hydrant Meter Rental Form can be submitted via our website by selecting the link below. The form will require a copy of a photo ID to be uploaded when submitting the form. After we are in receipt of your forms you will be contacted by our office about payment information and timeline for setting the hydrant meter.

Hydrant Meter Rental Form 


If needed, a downloadable and printable option of the hydrant meter form is available. This form must be completed in its entirety and sent to our office along with a copy of a photo ID. After we are in receipt of your forms you will be contacted by our office about payment information and timeline for setting the hydrant meter. 

Click here to view and print the Hydrant Meter Rental Form.

The completed hydrant meter rental form can be emailed to hydrantmeter@brrwc.org. The form may be faxed to our office at 864-895-7153.


Hydrant Meter Cancellation


When the hydrant meter is no longer needed, we have provided a link below to cancel the hydrant meter. Please select the link below to complete the cancellation form. 

Hydrant Meter Cancellation Form