Bottled Water Dispensary


Blue Ridge Rural Water Company (BRRWC) offers the convenience of a bottled water dispensary to all of our customers. The service is another way that BRRWC can provide the customer with a value-added service at a fraction of the retail rate. The average retail cost of a gallon of bottled water is $1.20, where BRRWC only charges $0.25 per gallon.

This is how the service works. Simply bring your own clean one-gallon container to our bottled water dispensary, located across from our main office at 2241 Fews Chapel Road, and you can fill each gallon with advanced purified reverse osmosis water for $0.25 per gallon. The dispensary system takes normal tap water that exceeds the state and federal standards for drinking water and provides the additional purification of reverse osmosis. This bottled water is ideal for long trips, storage of water or for those customers that have special medical needs that require additional purification.

Blue Ridge Water Dispensary